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Enjoy a new experience in the cryptocurrency world, by collecting an additional 60% of your invested USDT amount.
For example, invest 1000 USDT and get 1600 USDT.

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How it works

Four steps to be followed:
1- Deposit USDT into your Unipocket wallet.
2- Choose your plan by investing your suitable amount and get a referral ID.
3- Share the received ID with two of your friends. You will only get the additional 60% when both of them make the same investment and use your referral ID.
4- Enjoy your profits :) You may Withdraw your money, or make one, or many investments at any time.


We provide an automated system to facilitate your daily withdrawal in USDT at anytime.
Average transaction time is 4 minutes.


Latest technologies are used to guarantee the safety and security of your account’s privacy.

3 types of security levels are available to protect our clients' data from threats that might occur:
● 2 step-verification
● Email verification
● Anti-phishing mode